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Burglars Confess: Why Your Home is a Target

Original story posted on There’s no better way to figure out what motivates a burglar than to go directly to the source: Just ask the burglar. A groundbreaking new study by a researcher at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte examines hundreds of convicted offenders […]

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Smoke Alarms at Home

Did you know that Roughly 2 out of 3 fire deaths happen in homes with no smoke alarms or the alarms are not working?  Smoke alarms should be installed inside every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level. Smoke alarms should be connected so when one sounds, they all […]

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Tip of the Week

Our tip of the week, regarding theft prevention, is courtesy of the Seattle Police Department. “Victims sometimes tell a robber they have no money. This technique may backfire. It is safer to give up a few dollars. Carry a little money in an accessible place for just […]

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Security management is the identification of an organization’s assets (including information, followed by the development, documentation, and implementation of policies and procedures for protecting these assets. An organization uses such security management procedures as information classification, risk assessment, and risk analysis to identify threats, categories assets, and […]

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